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[Blog Post] 4 reasons your identity resolution program isn’t working—according to Forrester

This post, written for Epsilon-Conversant, makes effective use of visuals and embedded video to tease a commissioned Forrester report.

Consumers want personalized experiences. We all know it. But delivering on this mandate is a challenge—to say the least. It requires knowing each customer (and potential customer) holistically so you can identify and accurately reach real people across devices and interactions over time with relevant messages.

It’s easy to talk about the importance of identity in marketing, but according to new research, it’s proving much harder to implement in practice.

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study to understand the current state of identity resolution in brand marketing. Forrester surveyed more than 200 brand marketers on their identity resolution strategies and how they apply to their marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t great—and it’s important to understand why. What’s holding marketers back?


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