It’s hard to do it all alone. I’ll help you succeed with this thing called content marketing.

1. Document your strategy.

The most successful content marketers all have one thing in common—a documented content strategy. It's the piece of your marketing plan that continuously demonstrates who you are and the expertise you bring to your industry—to rally your teams and keep everyone on track.


I’ll work with you to... 

  • Outline your goals and objectives

  • Document the key elements of your buyer personas

  • Create your content mission

  • Generate overarching content themes

  • Nail down your KPIs

Then we can dive into planning your editorial.

2. Plan your editorial

Most B2B brands know they need to create value for their customers through content—but that doesn’t happen by accident. You need a clear roadmap to keep your teams aligned and on track for the long game. 


I’ll work with you to outline your 6- to 12- month editorial plan based on your unique target audiences and business goals.

3. Write your content

There’s no way around it. Great content takes great writing. And it can’t be tacked on at the end or optimized later. You need an excellent writer that you can rely on to deliver high-quality content that moves your audience to action. 


I’ll write content that showcases your brand’s expertise—and entices your audience to come back for more.

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