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[Blog Post] Considering a CDP? Look before you leap.

Written for marketing services company Epsilon, this post encourages readers to consider whether a customer data platform is really the best solution to their marketing challenges.

Think back to the last time you bought a car. You probably had a pretty good idea of what you were looking to get out that vehicle:

  • Whether you’d be cruising around town or making a long daily commute

  • Whether you’d be driving in snowy or off-road conditions

  • How many people you’d be transporting on a regular basis

With your use cases in mind, it’s easy to evaluate vehicles against your needs and budget. Imagine investing in a two-door Honda Civic when you live in backwoods New Hampshire with your family of five and plan to regularly haul everyone's ski gear to and from the slopes. Pretty counter-intuitive.

Going into a marketing technology purchase should be a similar approach—clearly defined needs, use cases, and required expertise should drive the consideration set and purchase.


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