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[eBook] Everything You Need to Know About Interactive Email in 2020

I worked with Epsilon to create this downloadable guide to interactive email. The piece required using Epsilon client data, as well as additional online research, to outline the different types of interactive email, why it works, examples of brands doing it well, and tips for getting started.

You’ve got mail!

Anyone who was around for AOL’s heyday remembers how exciting that announcement was. But the email of today hardly resembles the email we eagerly awaited in the 90s. The novelty has worn off. The expectation of personalization has evolved—and we’re not just talking about adding a first name or company name into the body copy.

Pioneering email marketers are using a variety of interactive methods to make their messages personal, engaging and fun. Kinetic techniques, agile content and even AMP experiences are starting to make our inboxes feel more like websites.

And people are responding positively.

  • Martech Advisor reports that “interactive email content increases the click-to-open rate by 73% and adding videos to your email content can boost click rates up to 300%.”

  • According to DemandGen, 91% of B2B buyers prefer to consume interactive and visual content.

  • Kapost says that interactive content generates 2X more conversions than passive content.

Epsilon’s client messaging data supports these findings. They’ve been common knowledge for years— but it turns out few marketers actually use interactive email to engage their customers.

This guide will share insights and expertise to help you:

  • Understand common types of interactive email

  • Recognize the challenges and overcome the intimidation factor associated with interactive email content

  • Dive into performance metrics and best-in-class examples

  • Plan actionable steps to get started with interactive content

  • Begin to achieve one-to-one personalization at scale

Ready to bring excitement back to email? Let’s dive in.


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