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[Blog Post] How to Choose an Enterprise-Grade Video Creation Partner—6 Key Considerations

I wrote this post for Wochit, a brand with a robust video creation platform, after interviewing the company's CEO. The goal was to communicate why enterprise brands really need an enterprise-grade tool (rather than consumer-grade tools like YouTube or Vimeo), highlighting Wochit's unique functionality without being overly promotional.

Video is having more than a moment. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 66% of B2C marketers and 71% of B2B marketers have used video marketing in the last 12 months (If you’re not there yet, you probably should be soon.)

But not all video creation platforms are up to the task of enabling enterprise-level marketing. If your enterprise brand is tackling video, there are six things to look for in a solution that will help you weed out the right partners that offer real value—from those that just want to dabble in the enterprise space.

1. Fully integrates into your platforms and workflows

Every enterprise has a unique workflow, from ideation until the target audience sees a finished video—including different users, content management systems (CMSs), data and content sources, and social channels. You get the picture.


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