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[Blog Post] Forrester research shows travel marketers are behind with identity

I wrote this blog post as part of a series on identity resolution. The post promoted a Forrester report commissioned by Epsilon-Conversant.

Lori travels at least once a month for business, and she plans a warm-weather vacation for her family every year. She’s a prime target for travel and hospitality marketing.

The problem is that Lori is also a frequent leisure traveler with her family and uses her personal email address for those trips. Although she is a frequent guest of one hotel brand as a business traveler, that travel brand fails to recognize her as a loyal customer when she travels with her family.

Although email is a helpful signifier of who the person is, a single person may have multiple email addresses across business and personal use. Subsequently, travel brands often lack a clear and cohesive picture of a person’s ongoing trips and adventures across their many channels for browsing, planning and booking.


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