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[Case Study] No more fuzzy ROI: Trend Micro sees exactly which marketing programs are performing

I interviewed Trend Micro's marketing lead to write this case study for ORM Technologies according to the StoryBrand approach. Note: design is not mine.

Vladlena Mitskaniouk is the epitome of data-driven marketer. As Senior Manager, Global Digital Marketing and Analytics at cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, she was in search of visibility beyond their top-of-funnel marketing efforts. She wanted hard numbers that detailed what was really impacting Trend Micro’s bottom line—and she wanted to share this data to empower the entire global marketing organization.

Vladlena and her team had numerous marketing technologies in place that had been built in house and paired with more traditional solutions like marketing automation and CRM. But it was just too difficult to regularly bring the data together across her disparate martech tools for a clear picture of their marketing program performance.

"The tools we had answered some of our questions, but we were ready to dive deeper into our data than our existing tools allowed. They didn’t get to the level of complexity we were hoping for with our marketing attribution model."


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