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[eBook] Email trends and benchmarks—Q2 2019

I used data and SME insights from Epsilon-Conversant to compile and write this ebook. This quarterly publication is Epsilon's most downloaded content asset.

We compile and analyze aggregated data from billions of emails each quarter to help you assess your performance and improve your digital messaging strategy. In this report, we’ll compare Q2 2019 metrics to YoY (Q2 2018) performance and prior quarter (Q1 2019) performance. Please note that this benchmark data should be used as a guideline. Think of the metrics as how the average company in the category performs.

Business-as-usual (BAU) open rates (30.7%) and click rates (2.9%) in Q2 2019 are slightly lower than last quarter (33.5% and 3.3%, respectively), but some industries are doing better than others. Five of the 10 industries we track saw a YoY increase of over 5% in their unique open rates.

Overall, email engagement has remained consistent over the last couple of years—but we’re expecting improvements soon. With an increased focus on personalization, relationship building and technology like machine learning, marketers have spent much of 2019 developing plans to deliver more custom email experiences for each consumer. This should contribute to an increase in engagement and channel performance as brands execute over the next 18–24 months.


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